Tuesday, March 8, 2011

May All Your Dreams Come True

I'm Loving 2011 So far!!
I'm kinda in a Mid-life Crisis... I got a HUGE new Tattoo. I cut off my hair, I got Red Highlights, and volunteer at teh YMCA, i'm helping out Thrifty Choices next to the convience store. I'm applying for jobs.
I just applied at Sam's Club Bakery! I'm ECSTATIC! I really Really Hope that I get it! My friend and "competition" let me know about the job opening, I truly hope i get it. but if i do, i will probably quit Beverage Express. I mean this is a DREAM type of job, a thing i never thought I'd be able to do!!
Things are falling into place... it's a GREAT year.
Now just to get Pearl Ann enrolled in a VPK

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Shower for Sister-in-law

Yesterday, me and Mother in law (MIL) had a baby shower for Heathur. Since she wasn't able to have her first once because she went into labor the day before the shower, we wanted to go all out. and boy did we. BUT... none of Heathur's friends came to this surprise baby shower after saying they would, which was sad... but I think she still had fun. we played guess the poop (really its a candy bar mushed in a baby diaper. I made a big Diaper tier center piece, around decoupaged hat boxes that i was up til 3am doing with my flour paste. Made a baby cake also. A guest brought two more diaper tiers. They were even better!! Using ONESIES!!! I never even thought of that!!Here are some Photos...

In other news... DH had a root canal that went sour and is all waa waaa baby.. LOL. He wasn't even able to drive. So i have been mad crazy all week, what with driving him, the YMCA campaign stuff, and the baby shower, and I went to a Jeff Dunham "concert" on Thursday which i must say was AMAZING!!! even tho our seats weren't that great, it still was HILARIOUS! Tomorrow my Friend Shannon is taking me to get a tattoo, this will be my 3rd tattoo, and yet still to this day i have never paid for one LOL!
Life is busy! I also just filled out an application to work at the YMCA, and am filling one out for Pearlann to start VPK!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Coupon Fever

I always had Coupon fever, dabbled here and there. Clipping coupons for the name brand items I had to have. Basically throwing the rest away. Then I discovered PRINTABLE coupons!! OH MY! What is THIS? So long as you have decent priced int (not $60 to refill it) this is an AMAZING tool. So i was going to Walmart (the cheapest place in town for just about anything) and saving 20$ a week with my coupons. Which i thought was AMAZING! Then i learned about local stores doing this thing known as Buy One get One deals they run a different one each week! REALLY!?!?! But is it really Cheaper my critical brain asked? So I did some research of my stores. WOW it actually was cheaper. For me, both stores that offer b1g1 deals are less then 3 miles in each direction. WinnDixie offers BOGO's on meat! how amazing!

Today i went to Publix i bought 8 Tortino's Party Pizza's at 4/$5
2 Ball Park Turkey Franks (hotdogs)
2 V8 fusion liter drinks
3/$5 Mott's apple juice
12 Progresso Soups
2 32 pks of Finish Dish wash
2 bertolli alfredo sauce
and 2 Macaroni Grill meals
this should have cost me $98
I Paid $44.58!!!
The Progresso, V8, BallPark, Spaghetti Sauce and the Macaroni Grill Meals were all buy one get one free. I had Coupons for all but the V8 and the Sauce!!!

Then I went to winn-dixie and Spent $34 and saved $33.46 all on BOGO meats! I got a Tender loin well two actually! lol and Pork Chops, and Boneless chicken breasts! and some nestle hot coco (cause they had mint, and it was BOGO too! )

Total Saving so far for this weeks Groceries? $86.79. An I still need to get some staples type stuff that arent BOGO from wally world with my coupons. which will average about another i'll round down and say 15$ in coupons. so This week I will have spent $125 and saved $100!!!

Now me and Hubby are about to go have a mini date with our Ice Cream coupons
Good Night Moms

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Parent Book

Parent Book

by Tiffany Schmidt on Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 11:09pm (posted on FB)
I think that when you have your first child and any child you should get a book, a book of directions telling you how to get their names changed and how long you have, directions on medicaid, directions on getting their birth certificates, directions on enrolling them into VPK, enrolling them in school, rules on your options as a parent. And not have nurses who lie to you and say no you cant put her first name as Pearl Ann, it has to be Pearl and her middle name Ann Marie.

I think a Mother should come up with this book and sell it to the hospitals or even GIVE it to the hospitals, to give to the parents. And this author should keep it updated to the new laws, and how the things change over the years so that when a mother goes back to have another child, she has a new update book.

I found out through my YMCA that to enroll my daughter in VPK i need a voucher! WHAT? so that means I need to get off my but and fix Pearlann's name on her Birth Certificate, oh wait you CAN'T because I was the procrastinator, after a year you need and this is from the application instructions-

"Amending name(s) of registrant up to the registrant’s first (1st) birthday. After 1 year from the date of birth, a
change to a registrant’s name (other than a correction which can be support by documentary evidence) will be
processed upon receipt of a legal change of name issued from a court of competent jurisdiction;"

What evidence??? I have NO paper work on my daughter, other then her SSC. I'm Lost, what happen to the day's when you were given the birth certificate BEFORE you left the hospital? why is everything a pile of mumbo-jumbo??

Why couldn't have my nurse just did what i asked and put her name as Pearl Ann? Why did i procrastinate everything, not that it really matters I didn't have internet til after she was a year anyways, and lord knows i was busy. What as a new young mother, going to work, newly married, and supporting my husband (mentally) through school.
There needs to be a book, to help parents. To help mothers such as myself, who have NO CLUE about how any of this works, who didn't realize the birth certificate wasn't going to be automatically sent to you free of charge til after she had her second child. This book needs to be made fore EVERY STATE. Being a Mother is stressful enough with all of the recall's, to breast feed not to breast feed, rear-face til 7 years old, which cartoon's are okay for my kid to watch, potty training, to co-sleep or no to co-sleep, that's just SOME of the thoughts of a mother. Lord forbid she work's.

We need a book, please give us a little bit of help. Just because we had kids does NOT mean we are INSTANTLY going to know everything there is to know about getting them into school or getting insurance. Mother's are ignorant until taught, through trial and error, or from wisdom of another mother.



So my Grandfather was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Plural. He was doing a special type of chemo for it up in Maryland. But the last time was way to harsh on him, so he has decided to refuse Chemo. He was given a year to live back in Sept. We shall see....

 Pearlann had a Great Birthday, and man, a 4 year old girl... might as well be 16. The attitude, the sighs, the crankiness, the back mouthing...

Onyx is still my little boy, but my nephew and Brother in law and almost-sister-law (who is pregnant) has been staying here. So Onyx is no longer the baby, he is having some jealousy issues with that...  I notice they protect each other though. Riley (my nephew) bit Pearlann the other day, and onyx walked right up and hit him in the head. LOL. (wrong to laugh but it's kinda cute) They know the other has a special toy, and if Riley touches it, they run up and grab it and bring it to the other...

Pam starts VPK this august, i just learned i need to get her a VOUCHER for it?!?! WHAT?!?! Someone from the YMCA told me about it. Sigh... So i have to get her Birth Certificate which is a new Post all in it's self.

I'm now owner of Club Siggy Addicts with Leslie and Shawna. We are having 2 parties, i'm excited!!! Been Tagging like crazy, oh and i lost more hours at work... blah

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recent Memories and Condolences

Pearlann has made some heart retching comments since being sick that I wanted to Share.
She asked "whats wrong with me?" all sad and heavy eyed...
The next day she said she was going to go potty, she is in there a while and i walk in and see her sitting on the bathroom floor, i sit down with her. "whats wrong?" "i gonna get sick mommy." "aww baby" "mommy..." "what hunny?" "i have to get better."
then later GMA Carol asked PAM if her lips were chapped, like a 3 year old knows where she has chapped lips or not. PAM responds with "i have no lips, they aren't beautiful anymore."
then last night i got home JUST in time for kisses and lullaby's, and Pearlann grabs me and says "mommy don't go. Stay with me. I missed you! I need you."


On another note, Onyx OMG is NOT listening, and has a jealous streak a mile long!!!

also i wanna put out my condolences out to two friends who have lost a parent this week. It's difficult to imagine life with out a a parent in it anymore. I can't imagine your loss. But i here for you for anything thing you need. They will live on in your heart. I know that in both cases they were sick for a long time. Try to remember the good times, not the sad. Much Love to Jackie and Stephanie.

You miss me?

Life has been Hectic, as it usually is, kyle is trying out for a new job. he passed his first test. Now we wait the interview date.
Getting ready for Xmas and Pearlann's Birthday.
I just picked up The layaway from Kmart. Almost all done w the xmas shopping just waiting for the Infamous Black Friday.

Pearlann had bronchitis and an ear infection, then gotta better, then onyx caught an ordinary cold, which Pam then caught w her weakened immune system, and its beating her up! She was Horrible sick for Halloween, didn't even wanna get dressed in her princess dress. Onyx LOVED being a Rock-Star!!! but because pam was sick, she didn't wanna Trick-or-treat, we only did one street, Onyx had fun tho...

But yeah, Nothing major been happening, working and zumba and tending to kids and a house... nothing else exciting LOL.