Friday, November 20, 2009

when 2 stay at home moms get bored

My good friend, michelle sent me a text message of
"I'm Bored. Entertain me"
So i started a story

Trin- "Once upon a time there was..."

Michelle - "A frog that was once a

Trin- Troll who had angered the laughing witch by

Michelle- Making her want to have

His giant

Pretty peen in her.

He put it in her virgin hand and she

Stroked his lenght as a bead

Of sweat fell from his forehead. He then

Leaned into kiss her on the

Teet. She then slapped his

Face as he gave her the best

Squirt of jizz in her

Eye as she tried to

Duck. Thus upsetting her. She turned him into

A frog with a gaint pretty peen.

That wouldn't let him

Hop away so he had to service her by

means of his long tounge and peen that no longer could

Go down. As he pushed into her, she

Laughed because he wouldn't orgasm and jizz unless

She grabbed his smooth

Peen and let a princess

Ride his tounge until she

Creamed on his face but alas the witch

Would not find a princess because she didn't want

To share her prized sex slave then one day

As the witch was in the middle of

Getting her 4th daily pleasure. She heard

A girl yell that she needed a

A teacher to learn how to

Ride a peen bareback.

The witch was so impressed by the princess's

Blow job skills. As she watched her

Service the local ogre. The witch watched the princess's tits bounce as

She slid her toungue along the orge's dick and sac. Spit was

Hanging from her mouth then the ogre

Grunted as he creamed all over her mouth as the princess

Swallowed all she could. Some of the jizz

dripped down her chin. As the witch leaned in she licked the salty cream from
And thus ended todays part of the story, just wanted to share lol, yeah it was suppose to be something cute and funny, but sigh, tells you where our minds were

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Potty Training Adventure of a Proud Mother

So pearlann had 3 days of not going on the toilet PERIOD. Then, the house went back to normal, where it was only mommy again. daddy is away, Gma at work. Back to the grind. She went monday morning like nothing ever happened over the weekend. Fine by me. Tuesday just another day, goes wonderfully to go pee. Suddenly, while onyx napped, Pam was quiet with her doll house.... then i hear a Grunt... " Pearlann need to go poop on the potty?" "N-ooooo....ugh" I walk out the room, to see a sweaty and redfaced daughter. I tell her to go sit on the potty. she obliges me. She is constipated... pretty good. she had 3 tiny poops in her pants, not enough to really count.

I sit her up on the toilet, set her up with a TV tray and carry in her doll house, and bring her a cup of "koolaid". This is also known as mommy mixed your drink with Magnesium Citrate, a mild laxitive. I wait. I expect at LEAST 30 mins. I walk out to smoke a cigarette. I hear "MOMMY!! PEARLANN DID IT!!!!" from the front porch. I assume ok a tiny poop again. I come in and say great job, keep going. Walk back out to take another drag, and come back in. She says she's all done. I sigh, thinking great she is gonna finish in her pants, be cause she is impatient like her mother (not that i poop my pants lol). I take her off....

Now of COURSE i'm going to LOOK! What would anyone do.

I looked and flipped out! I was jumping and giving her hugs! I mean this was a SINGLE turd her DADDY would be proud of! Daddy size! I didnt know what else to do....

So I took a picture on my cell. I didnt just leave it at that... i then sent said picture to friends and family. Now this wasnt the cute oh my Daughter sitting on the toilet picture nooooooooo..... This was the inside the toilet.

The response to this picture varied from the nice friends sending a text back saying "good Job Pam!", to my husband saying "I really didnt need to see that.", to the phone calls of my mother "did you REALLY just send me a picture of your daughters poop??????"

Yes, I am a PROUD mother.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Potty Training Dilema

Pam for the past 3 days, has quit going potty in the toilet. She was doing soooo good. She pad even went "poopy" in the toilet last week. I'm so confused. She was doing great, was basically done. Now, she QUIT. She is using the potty pants like a Diaper. I cant have that. What do i do? sigh, so today i decided to try big girl underwear. We will see how that works. sigh, anyone have any advice?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sleepless in Tampa

So as I have trouble sleeping, I'm playing on mini (my netbook) and watching the dvr of the Mentalist, I hear a noise. My daughter is talking in her sleep.  "Yay, i did it." Now this is something she says when she goes pee. Followed by, "No, it's all gone." Constant random things over and over. It's cute, yet i wonder is it good for her to have this type of interupted sleep? She takes long naps, and i think this might be why.

ok i need to go, shes suddenly walking in her sleep.