Monday, August 2, 2010

we have been sick

Started Tuesday night for the kids, up all night. i would lay with onyx, get him calm, then Pearlann would wake up, i had to hop to her bed get her calm, then Onyx wakes up, there was a lot of hopping from bed to bed. Kyle came home Thursday night, started getting sick Saturday. We went to the beach Saturday to help clear out our sinus's that was.. well NOT HELPFUL!

So of course I've been sick, which made the house fall to the wayside.. sigh.. gonna be a lot of catching up.

Friday i go to Winter Haven to pick up my step-cousin, who i haven't seen in at LEAST 11 years, to take her to Interlachen to get her car from Grandpa Woody. I'm also bringing my 16 year old sister, and my Friend Shannon. This will be an interesting drive. If Katie (cousin) can drive the car back to her place, then it will only be a 9-11 hour drive (not counting stops) if Katie can't drive her car then well that adds another 3 hours to the drive time...
I'm sleepy.. hope the cold is gone soon.

P.S. cake classes start soon