Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recent Memories and Condolences

Pearlann has made some heart retching comments since being sick that I wanted to Share.
She asked "whats wrong with me?" all sad and heavy eyed...
The next day she said she was going to go potty, she is in there a while and i walk in and see her sitting on the bathroom floor, i sit down with her. "whats wrong?" "i gonna get sick mommy." "aww baby" "mommy..." "what hunny?" "i have to get better."
then later GMA Carol asked PAM if her lips were chapped, like a 3 year old knows where she has chapped lips or not. PAM responds with "i have no lips, they aren't beautiful anymore."
then last night i got home JUST in time for kisses and lullaby's, and Pearlann grabs me and says "mommy don't go. Stay with me. I missed you! I need you."


On another note, Onyx OMG is NOT listening, and has a jealous streak a mile long!!!

also i wanna put out my condolences out to two friends who have lost a parent this week. It's difficult to imagine life with out a a parent in it anymore. I can't imagine your loss. But i here for you for anything thing you need. They will live on in your heart. I know that in both cases they were sick for a long time. Try to remember the good times, not the sad. Much Love to Jackie and Stephanie.

You miss me?

Life has been Hectic, as it usually is, kyle is trying out for a new job. he passed his first test. Now we wait the interview date.
Getting ready for Xmas and Pearlann's Birthday.
I just picked up The layaway from Kmart. Almost all done w the xmas shopping just waiting for the Infamous Black Friday.

Pearlann had bronchitis and an ear infection, then gotta better, then onyx caught an ordinary cold, which Pam then caught w her weakened immune system, and its beating her up! She was Horrible sick for Halloween, didn't even wanna get dressed in her princess dress. Onyx LOVED being a Rock-Star!!! but because pam was sick, she didn't wanna Trick-or-treat, we only did one street, Onyx had fun tho...

But yeah, Nothing major been happening, working and zumba and tending to kids and a house... nothing else exciting LOL.

Monday, August 2, 2010

we have been sick

Started Tuesday night for the kids, up all night. i would lay with onyx, get him calm, then Pearlann would wake up, i had to hop to her bed get her calm, then Onyx wakes up, there was a lot of hopping from bed to bed. Kyle came home Thursday night, started getting sick Saturday. We went to the beach Saturday to help clear out our sinus's that was.. well NOT HELPFUL!

So of course I've been sick, which made the house fall to the wayside.. sigh.. gonna be a lot of catching up.

Friday i go to Winter Haven to pick up my step-cousin, who i haven't seen in at LEAST 11 years, to take her to Interlachen to get her car from Grandpa Woody. I'm also bringing my 16 year old sister, and my Friend Shannon. This will be an interesting drive. If Katie (cousin) can drive the car back to her place, then it will only be a 9-11 hour drive (not counting stops) if Katie can't drive her car then well that adds another 3 hours to the drive time...
I'm sleepy.. hope the cold is gone soon.

P.S. cake classes start soon

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back from Vacation and then some

Hey stalkers!
I got back from "vacation" on Sunday. had fun. was very very very very busy and constantly going, but it was fun. Lets see the run down.
Dropped off Pearlann @ my moms, Arrived at hotel after stopping for dinner in town and then turning around to come back to get kyle cell phone (which he misplaced 3 more times ON the trip) Got a crying phone call from Pearlann saying she wanted to go home.
We woke up about 8ish, had breakfast hit 4 outlet stores, a flea market, and arrived at Old Town at 1030, they don't open til 11. Wondered around Old Town til they did start to open, came up with a game plan. We then went to Downtown Disney just a smallish place, well actually downtown Disney includes, the Marketplace, which is a lot of Disney shops, then that connects to pleasure Island, and that to West Side. my legs HURT after that. Then we went to hotel and changed and then went to Old Town for drinks.and more wandering around
Slept in didn't get moving til about 1030. Had Breakfast int he hotel. then went to Premium Outlets. I love to window shop! (poor kyle doesn't) then Went to the Florida Mall. Then got lost for 2 hours looking for Dickie's Outlets, which is in PRIME outlet mall. lol. Found that, realized it was in that mall said ok we will do this tomorrow. Then went to hotel swapped cloths in less then 5 minutes (this included dress, heels, and make up and hair {i know I'm proud too}) then went to Capones Dinner Theatre. it was a BLAST! Unlimited Drinks, all you can eat (no i did not get trashed) I did get trash talked about my cleavage though. LOL. got back to hotel about midnight.
Up about 9 had breakfast at a buffet hit the PRIME outlet stores. and then we went home. Where kyle then had to pack up for North Carolina for work.
And that's our "vacation" our legs HURT!
Monday tho My friend Stephanie hooked me up with some Shape-ups. lol, my legs now hurt more LOL.

Today was nice, played tag with the kids, brought them to the mall play park, got McD's as a little treat. As i Laid Onyx down i realized he was laying on cars sheets, on a cars pillow, covered with a cars sheet, cars blanket, a cars towel (yes a towel) drinking a cars cup while wearing a cars shirt. it was really rather cute. Tomorrow is a Hair cut.

Good Night friends and stalkers.
Brightest Blessings.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a day of horomones and more memories

Hormones suck giant hairy monkey balls. Just so that everyone knows. Ever feel just like you have missed everything? I have been a stay at home mom since last October. Yet, everything becomes routine, to where you forget how special things are. Memories i realized i had today in the few short hours i was home while the kids were awake.
I got off work at 4pm, got home about 415. Onyx ran yelling to the front door "MOMMY! YOU HOME! Hi Mommy!" he ran and gave me a hug. It was sweet. I picked him up and got an ever bigger hug. He didn't want me to put him down. But alas i had to cook dinner.
Random Memories
Onyx telling Pearlann he loves her
Onyx getting in the bath with arm floaties
Pearlann singing ABCs while i brushed her hair
watching them stand in their bedroom window yelling (in a funny cute way) outside at the same time to the kids out side
laying on pearlann's bed while both kids sit on my back bouncing
hearing pearlann on the phone with "cindawewa" say "sure" and telling onyx "quiet im on the phone"
my kids telling knock knock jokes, even onyx trying LOL
Pearlann covering me up on her bed, giving me her pillow
then onyx taking my hand and pulling me over to his bed to cuddle, then him pushing me off his bed LOL
Watching princess sing alongs w my two munchkins on their beds
Onyx pointing out the parts on my face
playing tag chasing the kids through the house
reading onyx a Dr. Suess book
hearing onyx laugh when i give him a squeaky kiss
seeing his big bright white smile that could make the Grinch's heart grow 3 sizes
hearing onyx say I love you
Pearlann begging for me to lay her down to bed
Pearlann wanting me to sing her a lullaby
and a good night kiss.

many great memories today.
Today is my 4 year anniversary.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Making Memories

Ever since i started working again, i notice i am missing the kids more. I feel like i dont see themalmost at all. When i come home from work i ask kyle what he did. He usually says nothing. So i always ask, "well what kind of memories did you make with the kids?" Last night he replied back with "what kind of memories did you make?" So every day i am gonna make a new memory with my children.

Today Onyx and I went to the Verizon Wireless store to get my phone replaced. He was such a good boy. He took some stuff off the racks, but he put them back when ever i asked him too. He made me very proud. When it was time to go tho, i told him to pick up one last thing, he told me no and went to walk away, i caught him, the Verizon guy came up and said "He's ok I got it." i responded with "I'm teaching a lesson." The Verizon guy seemed stunned and walked away. Onyx picked it up and put it back all by himself after another lil "where does this go?"

Then we went to walmart to pick up a few items before my annual "honeymoon" trip. I went to the toy section first. He picked out a $1 recorder (even tho he already has 2 LOL). Well i grabbed 2 of the fourth of july sets of plastic bowls and he decided to "drum" them. He hands me the recorder all cute like, and says "PLAY!" So i played the recorder through out the store while he banged on the bowls.

Then we got $2 worth of 25 cent balls from the machine. He was such a HAPPY CAMPER!

Pearlann was shopping with grandma carol making thier own memories.