Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a day of horomones and more memories

Hormones suck giant hairy monkey balls. Just so that everyone knows. Ever feel just like you have missed everything? I have been a stay at home mom since last October. Yet, everything becomes routine, to where you forget how special things are. Memories i realized i had today in the few short hours i was home while the kids were awake.
I got off work at 4pm, got home about 415. Onyx ran yelling to the front door "MOMMY! YOU HOME! Hi Mommy!" he ran and gave me a hug. It was sweet. I picked him up and got an ever bigger hug. He didn't want me to put him down. But alas i had to cook dinner.
Random Memories
Onyx telling Pearlann he loves her
Onyx getting in the bath with arm floaties
Pearlann singing ABCs while i brushed her hair
watching them stand in their bedroom window yelling (in a funny cute way) outside at the same time to the kids out side
laying on pearlann's bed while both kids sit on my back bouncing
hearing pearlann on the phone with "cindawewa" say "sure" and telling onyx "quiet im on the phone"
my kids telling knock knock jokes, even onyx trying LOL
Pearlann covering me up on her bed, giving me her pillow
then onyx taking my hand and pulling me over to his bed to cuddle, then him pushing me off his bed LOL
Watching princess sing alongs w my two munchkins on their beds
Onyx pointing out the parts on my face
playing tag chasing the kids through the house
reading onyx a Dr. Suess book
hearing onyx laugh when i give him a squeaky kiss
seeing his big bright white smile that could make the Grinch's heart grow 3 sizes
hearing onyx say I love you
Pearlann begging for me to lay her down to bed
Pearlann wanting me to sing her a lullaby
and a good night kiss.

many great memories today.
Today is my 4 year anniversary.

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