Monday, July 12, 2010

Making Memories

Ever since i started working again, i notice i am missing the kids more. I feel like i dont see themalmost at all. When i come home from work i ask kyle what he did. He usually says nothing. So i always ask, "well what kind of memories did you make with the kids?" Last night he replied back with "what kind of memories did you make?" So every day i am gonna make a new memory with my children.

Today Onyx and I went to the Verizon Wireless store to get my phone replaced. He was such a good boy. He took some stuff off the racks, but he put them back when ever i asked him too. He made me very proud. When it was time to go tho, i told him to pick up one last thing, he told me no and went to walk away, i caught him, the Verizon guy came up and said "He's ok I got it." i responded with "I'm teaching a lesson." The Verizon guy seemed stunned and walked away. Onyx picked it up and put it back all by himself after another lil "where does this go?"

Then we went to walmart to pick up a few items before my annual "honeymoon" trip. I went to the toy section first. He picked out a $1 recorder (even tho he already has 2 LOL). Well i grabbed 2 of the fourth of july sets of plastic bowls and he decided to "drum" them. He hands me the recorder all cute like, and says "PLAY!" So i played the recorder through out the store while he banged on the bowls.

Then we got $2 worth of 25 cent balls from the machine. He was such a HAPPY CAMPER!

Pearlann was shopping with grandma carol making thier own memories.

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