Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You miss me?

Life has been Hectic, as it usually is, kyle is trying out for a new job. he passed his first test. Now we wait the interview date.
Getting ready for Xmas and Pearlann's Birthday.
I just picked up The layaway from Kmart. Almost all done w the xmas shopping just waiting for the Infamous Black Friday.

Pearlann had bronchitis and an ear infection, then gotta better, then onyx caught an ordinary cold, which Pam then caught w her weakened immune system, and its beating her up! She was Horrible sick for Halloween, didn't even wanna get dressed in her princess dress. Onyx LOVED being a Rock-Star!!! but because pam was sick, she didn't wanna Trick-or-treat, we only did one street, Onyx had fun tho...

But yeah, Nothing major been happening, working and zumba and tending to kids and a house... nothing else exciting LOL.

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