Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recent Memories and Condolences

Pearlann has made some heart retching comments since being sick that I wanted to Share.
She asked "whats wrong with me?" all sad and heavy eyed...
The next day she said she was going to go potty, she is in there a while and i walk in and see her sitting on the bathroom floor, i sit down with her. "whats wrong?" "i gonna get sick mommy." "aww baby" "mommy..." "what hunny?" "i have to get better."
then later GMA Carol asked PAM if her lips were chapped, like a 3 year old knows where she has chapped lips or not. PAM responds with "i have no lips, they aren't beautiful anymore."
then last night i got home JUST in time for kisses and lullaby's, and Pearlann grabs me and says "mommy don't go. Stay with me. I missed you! I need you."


On another note, Onyx OMG is NOT listening, and has a jealous streak a mile long!!!

also i wanna put out my condolences out to two friends who have lost a parent this week. It's difficult to imagine life with out a a parent in it anymore. I can't imagine your loss. But i here for you for anything thing you need. They will live on in your heart. I know that in both cases they were sick for a long time. Try to remember the good times, not the sad. Much Love to Jackie and Stephanie.

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