Tuesday, March 8, 2011

May All Your Dreams Come True

I'm Loving 2011 So far!!
I'm kinda in a Mid-life Crisis... I got a HUGE new Tattoo. I cut off my hair, I got Red Highlights, and volunteer at teh YMCA, i'm helping out Thrifty Choices next to the convience store. I'm applying for jobs.
I just applied at Sam's Club Bakery! I'm ECSTATIC! I really Really Hope that I get it! My friend and "competition" let me know about the job opening, I truly hope i get it. but if i do, i will probably quit Beverage Express. I mean this is a DREAM type of job, a thing i never thought I'd be able to do!!
Things are falling into place... it's a GREAT year.
Now just to get Pearl Ann enrolled in a VPK

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