Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phone Issues

Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else's.

~Joe Bob Briggs

We had Alltel. Which as many of you know is now owned by Verizon. Well, we have five lines on our contract; my husband, me, my mom, my 16 yr old sister, and my step-father. My sister and step father's phones are not working properly. They need new ones, and one was coming to an upgrade come January. Now, I had heard rumors that if you upgraded you ahd to do all at once or something along those lines, so I called.

Ever try making an important phone call with two sick kids? Word of advice, wait til nap time... If your kids take naps. I am lucky enough to get a nice patient lady. I asked her my questions and am told along the lines that:
A. When you renew and join the verizon team from Alltel, that they wont charge you cancellation fees.
B. You HAVE to a buy new phone.... for every single line.

Ok... NEW PHONES.. when 3 of the 5 phones are still working just fine. I start panicing about the costs. Then hop online (at 30 second intervals, do to clingy sick children) found GREAT prices for new phones, most free... Catch: online only.

Called back this morning, asked if i could renew everything online, they said yes. I was told that i could get the phones online then once i recieve the phones, when i go in to activate my phones i'd pick out my plan then. AWESOME! Super easy!

I get everyone to finally pick out thier phones, come 7pm. After much debate with my mother, who can never make a decision about anything. i got to put them in my cart. then they ask me to pick a plan... wait, huh? So I sign in, after switching from my alltel sign in to a verizon login. then go to put the phones in my cart again, only to be told i cant.

Ring ring. Get to a real Person, they switch me to website control, was on hold... on hold.... Lady comes to the phone saying something along lines saying sorry, for hold, there was a problem, see your not actually suppose to get the upgrade til its time for at least one phone to be upgraded. But, we are gonna honor what you were told, i just have to reset everyline for them to all be eligiable for upgrade today. So i'll call you back when its done, and then i'll talk you thru the online process.... that was at 9:06pm. Finally at 1030, I called teh special number again that has been called enough that it's now on speed dial. I try to bypass the automated thing, and receive a greating of "Representative hours are from 9am- 10pm."

GRRR. Now what am i suppose to do? 
Other then call again in the morning.... BLAH.

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