Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet Crackily Voice

My kids are sick, both of them. But they react differently to being sick. My son, Onyx, is just like his father. He wipes his nose and keeps going, nothing else happens to him. Now Pearlann... She is her mother's Daughter. Just like me, it hits her HARD and for days. Today, is the first day of voice loss. A little 3 year old with a cracking voice. It melts even the coldest of hearts. When she cries and wants a hug, and tries to do the high pitched scream, she can't. it is so adorable.

Oh and i JUST noticed she has a CLEFT CHIN!

little aside to those who read about the Verizon FIASCO. Well, I was on the phone yesterday from 915ish a.m. til 120ish p.m. FINALLY got the online account to work after 6 different people. It was done and over. Free online shipping and they arrived today, all 5. Verizon was nice and waved the 10$ contacts transfer fee. So now i have a new blackberry Curve. I'm not all that impressed. Mainly cuz the Verizon version of the Yahoo instant messager App. is CRAP. Doesn't have the contact groups, or all my 30 smileys only 12. The big kicker for me is that i cant create a personal status update. It also sends me a message twice from who i'm chatting with. But i'll deal.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween

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