Saturday, January 22, 2011

Parent Book

Parent Book

by Tiffany Schmidt on Sunday, January 2, 2011 at 11:09pm (posted on FB)
I think that when you have your first child and any child you should get a book, a book of directions telling you how to get their names changed and how long you have, directions on medicaid, directions on getting their birth certificates, directions on enrolling them into VPK, enrolling them in school, rules on your options as a parent. And not have nurses who lie to you and say no you cant put her first name as Pearl Ann, it has to be Pearl and her middle name Ann Marie.

I think a Mother should come up with this book and sell it to the hospitals or even GIVE it to the hospitals, to give to the parents. And this author should keep it updated to the new laws, and how the things change over the years so that when a mother goes back to have another child, she has a new update book.

I found out through my YMCA that to enroll my daughter in VPK i need a voucher! WHAT? so that means I need to get off my but and fix Pearlann's name on her Birth Certificate, oh wait you CAN'T because I was the procrastinator, after a year you need and this is from the application instructions-

"Amending name(s) of registrant up to the registrant’s first (1st) birthday. After 1 year from the date of birth, a
change to a registrant’s name (other than a correction which can be support by documentary evidence) will be
processed upon receipt of a legal change of name issued from a court of competent jurisdiction;"

What evidence??? I have NO paper work on my daughter, other then her SSC. I'm Lost, what happen to the day's when you were given the birth certificate BEFORE you left the hospital? why is everything a pile of mumbo-jumbo??

Why couldn't have my nurse just did what i asked and put her name as Pearl Ann? Why did i procrastinate everything, not that it really matters I didn't have internet til after she was a year anyways, and lord knows i was busy. What as a new young mother, going to work, newly married, and supporting my husband (mentally) through school.
There needs to be a book, to help parents. To help mothers such as myself, who have NO CLUE about how any of this works, who didn't realize the birth certificate wasn't going to be automatically sent to you free of charge til after she had her second child. This book needs to be made fore EVERY STATE. Being a Mother is stressful enough with all of the recall's, to breast feed not to breast feed, rear-face til 7 years old, which cartoon's are okay for my kid to watch, potty training, to co-sleep or no to co-sleep, that's just SOME of the thoughts of a mother. Lord forbid she work's.

We need a book, please give us a little bit of help. Just because we had kids does NOT mean we are INSTANTLY going to know everything there is to know about getting them into school or getting insurance. Mother's are ignorant until taught, through trial and error, or from wisdom of another mother.


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