Friday, February 18, 2011

Coupon Fever

I always had Coupon fever, dabbled here and there. Clipping coupons for the name brand items I had to have. Basically throwing the rest away. Then I discovered PRINTABLE coupons!! OH MY! What is THIS? So long as you have decent priced int (not $60 to refill it) this is an AMAZING tool. So i was going to Walmart (the cheapest place in town for just about anything) and saving 20$ a week with my coupons. Which i thought was AMAZING! Then i learned about local stores doing this thing known as Buy One get One deals they run a different one each week! REALLY!?!?! But is it really Cheaper my critical brain asked? So I did some research of my stores. WOW it actually was cheaper. For me, both stores that offer b1g1 deals are less then 3 miles in each direction. WinnDixie offers BOGO's on meat! how amazing!

Today i went to Publix i bought 8 Tortino's Party Pizza's at 4/$5
2 Ball Park Turkey Franks (hotdogs)
2 V8 fusion liter drinks
3/$5 Mott's apple juice
12 Progresso Soups
2 32 pks of Finish Dish wash
2 bertolli alfredo sauce
and 2 Macaroni Grill meals
this should have cost me $98
I Paid $44.58!!!
The Progresso, V8, BallPark, Spaghetti Sauce and the Macaroni Grill Meals were all buy one get one free. I had Coupons for all but the V8 and the Sauce!!!

Then I went to winn-dixie and Spent $34 and saved $33.46 all on BOGO meats! I got a Tender loin well two actually! lol and Pork Chops, and Boneless chicken breasts! and some nestle hot coco (cause they had mint, and it was BOGO too! )

Total Saving so far for this weeks Groceries? $86.79. An I still need to get some staples type stuff that arent BOGO from wally world with my coupons. which will average about another i'll round down and say 15$ in coupons. so This week I will have spent $125 and saved $100!!!

Now me and Hubby are about to go have a mini date with our Ice Cream coupons
Good Night Moms

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